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Cam Kiu 3rd Section

轉身踢前腳/zyun1 san1 tek3 cin4 goek3 (juen sun tek chin gerk)/turning body forward kick [frontal kick]


  1. Turn 1st centreline 90°, front foot opens 45°

  2. Back foot kicks straight forward

  3. In form use heel

  4. At the end of the kick the leg should be horizontal


  1. Use the ‘laces’ of your shoe (to the groin) or your heel (to the torso or leg)

  2. Unlike the stamp in the CK 3rd Section, the foot is always rising from the ground (whereas in the stamp the foot can go up then down)

  3. Can be used for the 1st of 2 opponents

低膀手/dai1 bong2 sau2 (dai bong sao)/low wing (shoulder) arm


  1. Move is in 3 stages

  2. Arms naturally by the sides

  3. Prep position – hands by groin (see prep hand in Cin Bong Sau), palms forward, arms at 135°

  4. Forearms rotate and go straight forward until palms face backwards (move as you Bong)


  1. Used outside against strikes below your 2nd centreline

  2. Always Zyun Maa and rotate the forearm (1st Circle) if palm is facing forward

  3. Can combine with Tiu to make Kwan2 Sau2 (捆手)

  4. Kwan Sau can be used inside or outsideDai Bong is always the most forward hand (use with Pin San Maa)

  5. Can transition into Soeng Zat Wun if their 2nd punch is also low

  6. Upper arm from Bong coming back to ‘naturally by the sides’, can be applied to stop an incoming strike to your ribs from the side

雙窒腕/soeng1 zat6 wun2 (seung jut wun)/double blocking wrist


  1. From Dai Bong:

  2. Double Hyun with both hands

  3. 3rd centrelines cross at your 2nd centreline

  4. Move finishes in a Haa Pok Zoeng position


  1. Same side, outside or Diagonal, outside

  2. SLT Zat is for strikes above your 2nd centreline

  3. CK Zat is for strikes below your 2nd centreline

  4. He Low Punch/You Dai Bong/He Low Punch/You diagonal Zat Wun

  5. Can train against 2 low stiff fists – you double Dai Bong into Soeng Zat Wun into Double Palm

推掌/teoi1 zoeng2 (toi jeung)/shoving palms


  1. From Haa Pok Zoeng position, wrists relax to flexed (Dai Bong position)

  2. Elbows ‘load’ to 90° first

  3. Then strike diagonally forward and up to the level of your ‘upper 3rd centreline’ (your chest)

  4. Hit with the heels of your palms, ‘elbow out’ position

  5. Step as you strike (Zing San Maa)


  1. Hit – don’t push

  2. If your arms are down and they are grabbing you (their hands on top and both ‘same side’), use the loading part of the move to get them off you before striking their chest

起膝/hei2 sat1 (hei sut)/rising knee


  1. Use double Tik Sau round their neck as you knee

  2. Point toe downwards to encourage the knee to go forwards

  3. Striking leg angle at 45°

  4. Standing leg angle at 135°

  5. Knee height to the level of your 2nd centreline


  1. Clinch round their neck as you knee – quick, snappy motions – no holding

  2. Must be used straight forwards (where the pelvis is facing) to get good power

  3. Can sometimes knee their elbow if their arm low and at an angle (e.g. after CK Laap Sau)

  4. Can knee 1st opponent then stamp 2nd opponent as in the form

  5. Defenses against a knee include SLT Haa Gaau Caa Sau/CK Gam Sau/CK Knee from the side (inside or outside)/SLT Pou Paai to their 2nd centreline (both hands)/BJ Dai Zaang

蹬腳/dang1 goek3 (dung gerk)/stepping on foot [stamp]


  1. In form, stamp goes straight backwards

  2. Striking leg angle at 180°

  3. Point toe upwards to expose the heel when striking

  4. After you’ve stamped, ground the foot with the heel first as you Zyun Maa for the next move


  1. Can stamp anywhere from across your own knee to straight backwards (including forwards and to the side)

挑㩒手/tiu1 gam6 sau2 (tiu gum sao)/poking pressing hands


  1. The first Tiu Gam comes out as you ground the stamping foot

  2. In form, Tiu and Gam have same angles as in Siu Nim Tao (2nd and 3rd Sections)

  3. To transition to the next Tiu Gam:

  4. Tiu hand withdraws to 90°

  5. Gam hand comes under 90° Tiu to make the next 135° Tiu

  6. Zyun Maa as you Tiu Gam


  1. Double outside or double inside

  2. CK Gam can also be applied to stop an attack below your 2nd centreline (inside or outside)

  3. After your first Tiu Gam, ‘collect’ their 2nd punch with your forward Tiu by going to 90°, then your next Tiu comes under that arm

上馬刮打/soeng6 maa5 gwaat3 daa2 (seung ma gwat da)/forward step SCRAPing HIT


  1. Gwaat Daa from your Left Tiu

  2. Zing San Maa x3, punching only once off your back foot


  1. Closing the distance in order to attack first

退馬刮打/teoi3 maa5 gwaat3 daa2 (toi ma gwat da)/retreat SCRAPing HIT


  1. Gwaat Daa first from your Left Tiu

  2. Zing San Maa x3, punching x3 – the first punch off your front foot


  1. Opening the distance in order to defending your opponent attacking first

收式/sau1 sik1 (sao sik)/closing form

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