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Cam Kiu 2nd Section

下攔手/haa5 laan4 SAU2 (ha lan sao)/Lower blocking HAND


  1. Make a fist

  2. Zyun Maa and rotate forearm as you Laan (1st circle)

  3. 3rd centreline in line with 90° to the side (as if you were still frontal)

  4. Haa Gaau Caa Sau (low)

  5. Hau Sau in back hand


  1. Someone trying to uppercut you below your 2nd centreline from the side, while your hands are up

  2. From Saan Sau or Chi Sao – diagonal, inside and same side, outside

  3. From Chi Sao – can combine with Gou Laan Sau (upper) – double diagonal or double same side

  4. Low Punch/Diagonal, outside Low Laan (Pin1 San1 Maa5 偏身馬) into twisting kick

高攔手/Gou1 laan4 SAU2 (go lan sao)/upper blocking HAND


  1. Make a fist

  2. Zyun Maa and rotate forearm as you Laan (1st circle)

  3. 3rd centreline in line with 90° to the side (5th centreline)

  4. High Laan – same angle as Soeng Gaau Caa Sau except fist in line with your nose (i.e. higher)

  5. Hau Sau (90° 1 hand GCS) in back hand


  1. Combine with Same Side Gam Sau or Inside Hau Paak to use as a strike (with fist or 3rd centreline)

  2. Diagonal, Outside to their 3rd centreline

  3. Diagonal, outside to their high elbow – e.g. against a horizontal elbow if you already have a touch

  4. Chi Sao only – Same side, outside (trapping 2)

  5. 2 Punch combinations of all Upper and Lower Laan Saus i.e. Punch/You Laan/Punch/You Laan

外踢腳/ngoi6 tek3 goek3 (ngoi tek gerk)/outside kicking leg


  1. Gou Laan Saau again as you kick to balance yourself

  2. Foot twists forward

  3. Aim for the height of your own head in the form if possible

  4. Ground your foot as you Moving Bong


  1. Use ball of the foot or heel – don’t use your toe

  2. Can be used anywhere between frontal and 90° to your kicking side

  3. Kick can be aimed at any height. Use your own body as a guide:

  4. Your head

  5. Your 2nd centreline

  6. Your groin

  7. Your knee

  8. Your shin

橫馬抛膀手/waang4 maa5 paau1 bong2 sau2 (wang ma pao bong sao)/horizontal step throwing shoulder arm [moving bong]


  1. When squaring up (preparation move), upper hand is same as Hau Paak Sau – palm towards your face, lower hand is same as Haa Gaau Caa Sau – palm facing upwards

  2. As you Bong, shoulders rotate to 45° (viewed from above), 3rd centreline is in line with your 1st centreline

  3. CK Wu (down, diagonal) as you Bong

  4. Make sure to ‘load’ your preparation lower hand to 90° before you Bong back to 135°


  1. To be used when you are attacked with 1 hand high and 1 hand low

  2. There is a wall behind you and they move forward to attack – you need to move to redirect their force

  3. CK Wu starts high and back (reverse Hau Paak Sau) and use Zyun Maa to bring it down, diagonally to a SNT Wu Sau position. Use for a 2nd opponent or if facing away from 1 opponent

底抽拳/dai1 cau1 kyun4 (dai chau kuen)/low drawing out punch [uppercut]


  1. After last Bong, Bong hand snakes down with a fist to your 2nd centreline before doing the Uppercut – this is to get under their elbow if you are inside and want to get outside

  2. Uppercut is same as ‘Elbow In’ Punch, but fist is turned 90° rather than 45°

  3. Other hand is a Hau Paak Sau


  1. Same as the 3 Hau Paak Daas:

  2. Double outside

  3. Double inside

  4. 1 in (Punch), 1 out (Paak)

  5. Chi Sao – can do Same side, outside straight from your Fuk

  6. Can hit below their 2nd centreline as well as above

破手/po3 sau2 (por sao)/breaking hand


  1. From the uppercut, arm goes upwards then downwards

  2. On the way it rotates into a CK Zing Fuk Sau (‘elbow in’/neutral wrist/palm facing down)


  1. Diagonal, outside (covering their back hand)

  2. 2nd opponent coming from the side

  3. Can scratch their eyes during the move

正身伏手/zing3 san1 fuk1 sau2 (jing sun fuk sao)/frontal fuk sau


  1. Elbow in

  2. Body frontal

  3. Neutral wrist

  4. Palm facing down


  1. N/A [Closes out the section]

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