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Anatomy of the Palm in Practical Wing Chun

A note on Cantonese

I use the ‘Jyut Ping’ (粵拼) Cantonese writing system as I have found it to be the most accurate. For an excellent way to learn Cantonese pronunciation, see Fluent Forever. For a dictionary see CantoDict or use the Hanping Cantonese App for Android.

anatomy of the palm

Practical Wing Chun Palm

Side of the Palm:

1 SLT Chop – hinge at the shoulder to maintain a full 135° in the elbow:

  1. 2nd Section HoiDiagonal High to Low strike

3 BJ Chops – same as above:

  1. 2nd Section Doek (away from body) – Diagonal High to Low strike

  2. 2nd Section Pek Horizontal strike

  3. 2nd Section Doek (across body) – Diagonal High to Low strike

Heel of the Palm:

5 SLT Palms – forearm in line with direction of the strike:

  1. 1st Section Zing ZoengDiagonal, up strike, fingers pointing upwards

  2. 3rd Section Dai ZoengDiagonal, down strike (except in form), fingers pointing downwards

  3. 3rd Section Gou Waang ZoengDiagonal, up strike, fingers pointing sideways

  4. 3rd Section Peng Waang ZoengHorizontal strike, fingers pointing sideways

  5. 3rd Section Dai Waang ZoengDiagonal, down strike, fingers pointing sideways

2 SLT Pok Zoengs – ‘elbow out’ to generate ‘whipping’ power/wrist goes from flexed to extended:

  1. 2nd Section Hau Pok ZoengStraight, backward strike

  2. 2nd Section Haa Pok ZoengStraight, downward strike

1 CK Pok Zoeng – same as above:

  1. 1st Section Pok Zoeng Diagonal, down strike

2 BJ Pok Zoengs – same as above:

  1. 1st Section Waang ZoengHoriztonal strike from the side

  2. 2nd Section Haa Waang ZoengDiagonal, down strike from the side


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