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Practical Wing Chun Terms vs Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Terms


Recently I've been studying a lot of material from Gordon Ryan - arguably the greatest submission grappler of all time at only 27, as well as an excellent instructor in his own right. A lot of the language he and others uses for techniques in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu corresponds to moves we have in Practical Wing Chun, albeit by another name. Here are some : Inside Bicep Tie (BJJ)/Chuen Wun to Bicep (PWC) - Hand on their bicep same side, with your elbow inside their forearm e.g. your left hand on their right bicep. Collar Tie/Tik Sau or Maan Sau to Neck - Hand around the back of their neck, usually to destabilise them or create a reaction. False Grip/Tik Sau to e.g. a forearm trying strangle you - Flexed wrist with the fingers and thumb together. 2 on 1/Double Biu Jee Lap and others - 2 of our arms on 1 of theirs. Arm Drag/Dau Sau across your body - Using your e.g. right hand on their right tricep to pull them across your body and expose their back. Claw Grip to shoulder/Maan Sau to shoulder - e.g. fingers and thumb from right hand pulling their right shoulder across your body. Kuzushi/Attacking the 5th Centreline - Using limb connection to destabilise our opponent. Stripping the Grip/Multiple techniques incl. Juen Bei Soek Sau - Getting a controlling grip off of you. Sumi Gaeshi/The 4 PWC Sweeps - e.g. Biu Jee Chau Goek - using your right heel to sweep their right heel. Juji/Joint Lock - e.g. Sor Sau attacking their shoulder. Sometimes I've found a lot of the work of understanding a martial art is around understanding the terminology used - often different between instructors. After that, it becomes much easier to make connections between new techniques we're learning, and ones we've already learned previously in different contexts. Gaa Yau!/加油!/Keep Going! -Sifu

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