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3 Task-Based Games for learning Practical Wing Chun

Updated: Mar 19


This style of training uses the 'Ecological Approach' - constraints-led games with clear tasks for each player.

I prefer asymmetrical games (different goals for each player) as it tends to become less of a stalemate or just a game of who's quicker.

For more info about this approach, check out the jiu-jitsu coach @gregsouders on Instagram.

1 – Hit to the sternum with elbow in line with nose

Sifu James teaching - Wing Chun London
  • Start with each player's right hand in the middle in a tan sau shape (palm up).

  • The attacker's goal is to touch their fist to the defender's sternum (inside or outside), with their elbow bent and in line with their nose.

  • The defender's goal is to negate the attacker's goal.

  • Reset after the goal is achieved, or after a couple of minutes if the defender manages to continuously negate the attacker's goals.

2 – Hit to the sternum or get to Lap and off-angle them

Instructor and Student - Wing Chun London
  • For the attacker, the same goal as Game 1, but they can also win by getting to Lap Sau and off-angling them.

  • The attacker can misdirect between these two goals as when the defender goes to stop one, it opens up an opportunity for the other.

  • Defender's job again is to continually negate the attacker's goals.

3 – Start from Lap Da - goals are to hold the position or hit to sternum with inside Pak Da

Instructor Tino - Wing Chun London
  • Attacker starts from Lap Da (Lap + Punch) with the defender's trapped elbow touching their torso.

  • Attacker's goal is to hold the position, or if the defender turns back in too much, switch to inside Pak Da and hit to the chest.

  • Defender's goal is to escape to neutral - facing the attacker with their forearms pointing at no wider than the attacker's shoulders.


Try creating games with ideally two tasks that you can misdirect between, thereby putting your opponent in a dilemma.

That way you are always training against live resistance which then carries over much more to Chi Sau than static drilling.

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