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Anatomy of the Fist in Practical Wing Chun

A note on Cantonese

I use the ‘Jyut Ping’ (粵拼) Cantonese writing system as I have found it to be the most accurate. For an excellent way to learn Cantonese pronunciation, see Fluent Forever. For a dictionary see CantoDict or use the Hanping Cantonese App for Android.

anatomy of the fist

Neutral Wrist:

Wing Chun Fist - Neutral

Right Hand ‘Elbow In’ Punch – Fist Angle:

Right Hand Uppercut – Fist Angle:

Extended Wrist:

Wing Chun Fist - Extended

Both Hands ‘Elbow Out’ Punch – Fist Angle:

Right Hand Upward Bin Kyun – Fist Angles:

Right Hand Downward Bin Kyun – Fist Angle:

Ulnar Deviation in Wrist:

Wing Chun Fist - Ulnar Deviation

Right Hand ‘Hammer’ Punch – Fist Angle:

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