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The 2 Most Important Things in Wing Chun

1 – Power from Short Distance

Bruce Lee Punches Karate Grandmaster With The 1 Inch Punch! (New ...

The first way that Wing Chun looks to gain an advantage in self-defence is by generating power from a short distance, the most famous example being the one-inch punch. If you you can deliver a good strike from a shorter distance than your opponent can, you will be able to hit them quicker as your strike has less far to travel.

In order to generate more power, firstly focus on staying soft (放鬆/Fong Sung) in order to allow your strike to continue through the target. Secondly focus on developing good technique so that the physics of your strike generate as much power as possible (e.g. punching in a straight line, contact point has a small surface area etc). As well as a punch, strikes can also consist of:

  1. Palms

  2. Elbows

  3. Knees

  4. Kicks

2 – Using Technique to defeat Strength

Instructor and Student - Wing Chun London

The second way to gain a competitive advantage in Wing Chun is to use technique to defeat strength in a stand-up fighting scenario. Other styles such as Jujutsu also use this approach but in a ground-fighting scenario. In order to be effective in this way, you first need to get a touch so that you can leverage your Chi Sao (sticky hands) training. If you do not train getting in close and your opponent keeps us at a boxing or kicking range, then you will not be able to manipulate your opponent’s force against them using Wing Chun techniques. Once we do have a touch however you can then combine attack and defence simultaneously to help beat someone stronger.

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