Friendly and relaxed

Enjoy learning in an informal environment with experienced instructors.

Self defence for everyone.

Wing Chun is a soft style of martial art that allows people of different strengths to spar safely.

Central location.

We are conveniently located in Highgate, north London, 5 mins walk from Highgate Station on the northern line. Classes are also now available in Brighton.

What our students say.

Jay V, Teacher

The classes are very friendly and less formal then many martial arts schools and the instructors are helpful and supportive. Sifu Jon Abdey and Sifu James Marsh have both learnt the style first hand from Sifu Wan Kam Leung and teach in a very honest and open way

Andy P, Designer

The only place to train Wan Kam Leung’s Practical Wing Chun in London, lead by the excellent Sifu James. Hard training, great vibes and an excellent location. Perfect for beginners and advanced martial artists from other styles / lineages alike

Tudor T, Software Engineer

I would highly recommend JM Wing Chun. Sifu James knows how to structure the class so that you’re able to progress consistently every week

What is Practical Wing Chun?

Sifu James with Master Wan Kam Leung - Wing Chun London

Practical Wing Chun is a style developed by Master Wan Kam Leung (pictured above) over the course of 40+ years.

It is a modified form of Wing Chun that seeks to make the moves and their applications more practical in real-life situations.

Sifu James Marsh is the only instructor in London teaching this style, having trained with Wan Kam Leung for 8 years (2010-18) during which he spent a year in Hong Kong (2012-13).

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